Long-cours.62 for sale

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Long-cours.62 for sale

Postby long-cours.62 » Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:12 am

e decide to sale our actual "Passagemaker" ...for built the next one .
Who will be better ...of course :)
You can find all the details of our " Long-cours.62" here :


the "wrong" choice here :

http://www.long-cours62.com/article-evo ... 50751.html

Details concerning insulation :
http://www.long-cours62.com/article-iso ... 68818.html

Engines :
http://www.long-cours62.com/article-mot ... 92001.html

Some photos :

Structure and drawing :

"Hoa" is a rugged boat , no sophistication , just the basic and useful choice.
Very strong built able to cruise everywhere.
Maximum (if we suppose use all the diesel ) range @ 7,2 kts : 9000 nm .
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