If you are like me, protecting the taste of your next cup of Kona caffeine is important. Don’t leave something so pleasurable to chance. You sure would not want your Hawaiian coffee to lose the wonderful taste it is known for, or even worse, to taste like something you have kept in your refrigerator! kona coffee beans

The first thing to consider is “how” you should purchase your Kona coffee. Oriental beans are the most effective to store and can last over a year, but few individuals have roasters on palm when the urge for Kona coffee strikes. To get the rest of all of us, roasting the beans just prior to shipping is essential to get the best flavor. How long in advance the beans are roasted is something that you’ll want to ask your supplier. 

Once your caffeine arrives, it is very important to store it properly. Certain elements are proven to reduce the taste of the coffee. Between these is heat, light, moisture and air. By what the experts say, the best solution will either be an air tight ceramic container or a glass container that is kept in a cabinet or in a pantry away from immediate light. It really is never recommended to place your espresso beans in plastic containers as they may absorb the flavor of the plastic material.

Given that the espresso beans are stored correctly, you should only grind what you will be using in the immediate future. This is when your freezer may be used. Never place your caffeine in the refrigerator because it will not stay cold enough and will get the taste of other foods. If you grind more you will use in one order, just be certain to encapsulate your ground coffee in an airtight zip fastener bag and remove as much air as it can be. Make an effort not to grind too much, the frequent removing of the zip fastener from the freezer will also deplete the flavor.

Kona coffee is an investment of one of the finer things in life. To take pleasure from it to the fullest, you will want to take a little time and make a little effort to get the most away of your next glass!